Jeffrey Wilhoit

Lead Foley Artist

6  Emmy Wins + 13 Nominations

7  Golden Reel Wins

A true Pioneer of modern-day Foley,  Jeffrey has built his career on almost 40 years of performing the highest-quality Foley available in Hollywood. Having gone through the shift from Analog to Digital, Jeffrey has true passion for maintaining Soul and Human-Touch in storytelling.


Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit

Foley Artist - Foley Mixer - Editor - Sound Designer

4  Emmy Wins + 10 Nominations

3  Golden Reel Wins

Mentored by his Father Jeffrey Wilhoit, Dylan has over 9 years of experience as a AAA Foley Artist. A true Gamer and Audiohpile at heart- Dylan is meticulous about detail, texture, and the level of satisfaction that sound can bring out to a story.


Jane McKeever

Sound Editor

As a Film Professor at Cal State University, Los Angeles- with over 23 years of Professional Audio experience, Jane is a powerhouse in organization and precision with audio in multiple DAWs including Pro Tools. Jane has provided stellar work for big movies and shows such as 'Wanted' with Agnelina Jolie and 'The Nevers' on HBO.  Just check out her credits yourself using the button below!